455 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: (415) 543–7400

Business Hours: Monday–Friday 10am–7pm(ish)
Saturdays 11am–6pm(ish)
May 2014, The Daily Traveler
This San Francisco Chocolate Shop Puts Willy Wonka to Shame (PDF)
"[Adam Smith] goes well
beyond just stocking the bars;
he catalogs them and
lovingly describes them"
June 2007, Where SF
Sweet-tooth Treasures (PDF)
May 2007, Todo Magazine
Chocolate in SF
May 23 2007, 7x7 Magazine
Editor's Picks (PDF) by Sara Deseran
May 16-22 2007, SF Weekly
Best Newsstand
March/April 2007, Professional CandyBuyer
Buying by the Bay
February 2007, 7x7 Magazine
Red Hot (PDF)

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